It is more than coincidence that two books with the title Sacred Commerce have been released at nearly the same time, and also at the time of this emerging global financial recalibration.

I recommend both books,

Ayman Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle’s, Sacred Commerce: The Rise of the Global Citizen can be further researched and purchased from their website;

Founders of Cafe Gratitude, Mathew and Terces Engelhart’s, Sacred Commerce: Business as a Path of Awakening can be purchased from their website;

Whether you purchase these books as gifts for friends, family, your own development or you merely read the descriptions; both of them speak to the currency of checking in with our deeper sense of value.

In the process of drafting a proposal for a revolving loan fund with a friend and colleague, we came across an amusing acronym in articulating the quadruple bottom line; FESS. Financial, Ecological, Social and Spirit, adding UP for Unlimited Potential, and thus we had FESS UP, a playful and sincere collective invitation. Shortly after that I came across PASS, in the text of Cafe Gratitude’s founders book, standing for; Profit, Awakening, Sustainability and Service.

With or without clever acronyms, we are onto something and it is a truly an emergent, intuitive Win-Win capacity.

To catch some other fresh perspective on these emerging potentials relating to micro-lending and more, visit this blog,,

and have fun exploring and articulating the 4 Deep bottom line.

Do your voting everyday, with your dollars and sense.